Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update from Dallas

Quick update from here. Arrived in Dallas yesterday after a nice time in Grand Junction where I enjoyed seeing old friends, speaking at a women's retreat, and having a book signing. Time was too short, but it was great being with my in-laws.

This will be a busy week in Dallas as well. I'll be visiting some close friends, and running a few errands until Thursday, when I'll be attending the American Christian Writers Conference. This is a great time for me to connect with friends, editors, and learn from the best on writing and publishing. Next week I'll try and post some photos.

Great news on the home front!

I talked to Scott briefly this weekend. Not only has our Dallas house sold (closing October 1st), but we just recieved an offer for our house in South Africa! I've been blown away at how God continues to work out all the details of a moving situation that is completely overwhelming to me. But nothing is impossible for God!!!

Praise Him for His faithfulness!

Please to continue to pray that these deals will both go through. Pray also for my energy level that is pretty low right now, and the next three weeks are going to be very full as I attend the conference, spend time with family, and speak at several churches. Pray also for Scott and the kids as they make it without mommy.




  1. Great news about the houses!! We will be praying. Say hi to Faith for me.


  2. So glad those houses sold. Let us know when they close. How was ACFW? I've got that on my list of conferences I'd love to attend. Maybe next year or the year after?

    We're having a West Africa reunion at Camp Deer Run on Oct. 3 &4, a mini reunion at North Davis church in Dallas on Oct. 5 before Together for Togo on Oct. 6 & 7. We'd love to see you if you're in the area.

    Can't find your current email. so write me off list if you get a chance.