Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Missing Q

The big news from this side of the world is that I’m headed back to the states tomorrow. My wonderful mother is flying me back for three weeks. Not only will I be catching up with my mom, sister and her family, I’ll also be attending the American Christian Writer’s Conference in Dallas, speaking in Grand Junction, Dallas, Tulsa, and Houston, and participating in a book signing in Tulsa for my latest releases.

It’s always a bit of a shock when returning to the States. Driving on the right hand side, seeing a fast food restaurant on every corner, and discovering that, yes, people really can wait in queues (lines). Even after only a year or two away, I always find that so much has changed. From technology, to TV shows I’ve never seen, to music I’ve never heard. And quite honestly, trips to the supermarket always leave me wishing there weren’t quite so many choices of hairspray and shampoo.

What am I looking forward too?

Staying up late with my mom watching British comedies.

Going to Starbucks with my sister.

Catching up with my on-line crit partners, editors, and other friends

Eating real Tex-Mex--and at least one pizza and a sausage biscuit from McDonalds

Shopping with my mom.

And of course, finding those missing queues.



P.S.After realizing how old our most recent family photo is, we took the above photo yesterday so I have one to give to friends and family.

This amazing photo was also taken yesterday of Gabriel reading
Landon Snow
(a book that just happens to be published by my publisher, Barbour) And it wasn't even a homework assignment! While I try to daily instill the love for books in my kids, like most ten year old boys, Gabe would rather be riding bikes or playing on the computer than reading, so I was quite thrilled to snap this shot!


  1. Great book! There are 5 in the series. The 5th will release in October.

  2. Lisa, You have such a beautiful family!! Love getting to see all of you together. And to see Gabe reading--what a handsome and smart guy!!

    Can't wait to see you in less than a week!!! YAYAYAY!!!