Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More on Zimbabwe. . .

Another update from Janelle.

"As many of you know, Zimbabwe has been in both political and economic turmoil for a number of years. It seems that the problems of all these years are now converging to bring on the population of this country great times of hardship. Those who have thrived in the past are now struggling to survive, those who have always struggled are now truly becoming desperate. Even the surrounding countries are concerned that they will be inundated with thousands of staving people.

And of course, the families of our children are those who are the most desperate.

Please pray for each family and caregiver as they look at inflation up to 20,000% per year and empty shelves and no food for their families. This is a time for totally depending on God for the next day's food."

Please Pray:
1. Thank God for all his provision up to this time.
2. Pray that God will give encouragement and lift the hearts of each caregiver and each child while the whole country cries in their desperation.
3. Pray that God will miraculously provide for these families.
4. Pray that God will give us, AOM, wisdom as we work to help each family.

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