Monday, July 16, 2007

Duiker Island

South of Cape Town lies Cape Peninsula, a stretch of land that splits the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Hout Bay is a quaint stop along the way, and for those interested, one can take a glass bottom boat out to Duiker Island to see Cape fur seals sunning themselves on a small rocky island southwest of Hout Bay. For many years, these Cape fur seals have been prized for their pelts, meat, and blubber, but are now more protected. We so much enjoyed the close encounter with the animals and their habitat. I've posted a slide show below with some of the photos from this part of our trip and short boat ride to the island.

Also, I recently sent out my first Yahoo! Newsletter From the Heart of Africa. What’s in it for you? Contests, recipes, and other book related news. With five books coming out in the next few months, there will be several contests, and if you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll be automatically entered! In this first July newsletter, three people won a free copy of Tara’s Gold. Feel free to sign up for this newsletter that I will send out every couple months, as well as the opportunity to win copies of Massachusetts Brides and Montana Mistletoe for my next drawing in September.



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