Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Update

It's been quite a hectic week and a half with company literally in our home every day. I’ve had a number of exciting things to share, but on top of all that’s been going on our internet has been off. We also had a power surge yesterday that totally blew out several power strips and the surge protectors for my computer. Thankfully, the computer still works fine and no serious damage happened.

April 2-6 We spent time with Bia, Gustavo, Allen, and Janelle every morning to pray and plan for the work in Mozambique. Bia and Gustavo move to Maxixe next week.

April 3rd We found out that we sold our house in Dallas! This is a huge praise for us. Please pray that final process goes through smoothly.

April 7th We hosted a Passover with a number of friends and had a very blessed time.

April 8th Enjoyed having another family over for dinner. We’re excited because this couple will be joining our medical campaign to Mozambique in May. He will be one of the doctors working in the clinic. Our kids especially enjoyed the evening because they each had a friend to play with.

Barring internet problems, I have a couple exciting stories to share about the work here later this week.



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  1. Hey, girl! GREAT pictures. Mariah is so beautiful!!!!! I can't wait to hear your "exciting stories."