Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Jayden!

Wow! It's hard to believe that Jayden, who was two when we moved to South Africa, is six years old today! He wanted to spend his birthday with his daddy, but Scott had to drive to Mozambique today to sign some official documents for the government regarding our registration in the country. Since Scott only had to be gone one night, Jayden will be making the five hour trip to Maputo. He's quite an excited little. . .big boy!

Please pray for Bia and Gustavo. They are leaving today with Allen and Janelle who will be helping them for the next few days get set up in Mozambique. We have a small rented house where they will be staying and starting the work. Next month will be our medical campaign, and we are excited to have two doctors and a dentist leading the clinic. Dr. Prem will be returning after being our doctor last year in Zambia, as well as a South African doctor friend. We are all praying that there will be at least one house church started by the time the medical clinic begins.

Coming next. . .a taste of Africa



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  1. Oh, how sweet! Happy Birthday, Jayden!!!