Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Light in the darkness

We just finished our Bible study, week one on freedom from sin, and confronted freedom from false religions with some serious issues like witchcraft, charms, and ancestors. During the study, I was struck by God’s great mercy and power. Tonight we had all seven of our group here, including Darlington, one of the new Christians, who just returned back from two weeks in Zimbabwe. Darlington shared how his way there, he and at least one other man was attacked, beaten by a group of men, and robbed of everything he had. The other man was stabbed in the chest and killed.

While Darlington is still having trouble with his ears, we praised God for saving his life. But more importantly, for knowing that he doesn’t have to fear death anymore because he is a child of God.

Toward the end of the study, two Elizabeth and Jombalani expressed a desire to learn more about accepting Christ and baptism, so David is continuing the study with them right now.

In a continent so full of darkness, please continue to pray that many will see the light of God and accept His love for them.



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