Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cyclone Dineo

For those who have been praying for us over the past day in the wake of Cyclone Dineo that made landfall near our city, thank you! 
We made it through the night. It was a bit scary, but we're fine. Some damage to our house, mainly roof tiles, our hot water solar tank fell and shattered, half of our solar panels flew off the roof, one walkway veranda covering blew off, and lots of trees limbs broke. But many people in our neighborhood--and beyond--lost their roofs, so clearly lots of damage especially with all of the rain. The main cell phone service is out, though we still have internet for now on another carrier. Water is out as well, and electricity is out in places, though we don't know how extensive. 
We are planning to organize some teams to send out and help clear roads--lots of trees down--and help with roofs once the roads are passible, (right now our only road out is blocked in multiple locations) we will take teams out to the villages to help as we can.
If you would like to donate money that we will use to help with roof supplies, roads, etc, in the churches and in our communities, you can donate to the ECHO Project, and we will funnel the money to help the community here. Please send us an email if you give, or mark online that it is for Cyclone Dineo Relief.

Thank you for your prayers!!


Hot water tank fell off the roof and shattered.

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