Wednesday, November 06, 2013

This week in photos: Loving your neighbor

As we work primarily with village churches, one of the things we've tried to encourage is for the Christians to reach out to those in their communities. And that is exactly what we are seeing. After church on Sundays, the Christians in Guinjata have begun going around and praying for the sick in the community. Last week, Scott took a carload of people from Magola to visit and encourage a woman over an hour away who had invited us to come and teach her and her neighbros. Another woman took in two small children when their mother was unable to take care of them. 

We are so excited to see people truly living out their faith and being light in their communities as they demonstrate their Christ to their neighbors.

One of the young men from English camp and his two sisters went with us out in to the community

Visiting the sick in Guinjata
Praying for the sick in the community

Leaving our shoes outside before going inside the dark hut and praying for a young woman.

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