Sunday, May 12, 2013

Update from the Heart of Africa

Sometimes I feel as if time is speeding past me like a whirlwind. Maybe I'm just getting older. :-) The past few weeks in particular have been extremely full, and I've had to take a bit of a step back from blogging and facebook. We've had a lot of ups and downs lately (including our sweet Jack Russell unexpectedly dying), but God continues to be so faithful!


Scott and the disciples have started going to a new preaching point north of us on Saturdays, after being invited to teach by a woman David met on the boat that goes across the bay. They also have the opportunity to begin teaching in another area of this town. I've also started going to the villages on Saturdays with a group of the women from Inhambane. There are usually at least six of us who go out to share with the women in Magola and Guinjata, alternating each week. It's turned out to be a big blessing to both the 'city girls' and those in the village. David and several of the disciples also just returned from a trip to Zonguane where they spent four days teaching.
Praying together at David's house church
Meeting inside for church during a downpour.
New Truck: As many of you know, our truck was totaled earlier this year. We use this vehicle for so many things that it was really missed. Thanks to many generous donations, we were able to replace the vehicle (the shortage from the insurance) with a used truck that is in really good shape, something hard to find here. It's allowed Scott and I to go to different villages on the same day, and as our last truck, it's always helpful to be able to haul things, like when rebuilding the woman's house that burnt down.

Our new-to-us truck!

Le Roux Family:  When the Le Roux family headed off to language school in January, just a few short months after the death of Reiner, Scott felt it important that he and Des Stephenson, from the le Roux's home church, visit them during their stay in Brazil to make sure they were doing okay. A church in Brazil has taken them in as one of their own and has turned out to be such a blessing to them. Members in the church do all the language teaching, plan activities, provided a house and a car, and much, much more. Scott was also able to see Luis and Fernanda (former teammates) as well as Ricardo and his family and many more familiar faces who have had a part in the work here in Mozambique over the past few years. 

Scott and Des (from South Africa) visit Jaco and Inge and their boys in Brazil
The Le Roux family in Brazil
New Book Release: Stolen Identity  

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