Friday, November 16, 2012

Home again

Visiting a park in Lyon.
They say there is no place like home and that is true in so many ways. We arrived home almost a week ago, excited to be back with two of our kids (Gabe returns next week!), and immediately hit the ground running. So while it's great to be back, I'm still trying to catch my breath. :-) Our time in the States was a blessing. We were able to meet with some of the churches that help support us as well as individuals and friends. We were overwhelmed by the amount of love and support shown, especially to Jaco and Inge who decided to go ahead and make the planned trip with us to meet the African Outreach Ministries board, along with their two boys. 

Most of our time was spent running from one commitment to the next, but we still greatly enjoyed dinner with friends and supporters, meeting with our wonderful board members for a weekend retreat, and sharing with several groups of people interested in what is happening in Mozambique. 

I was able to see my mother and Scott his parents and one of his sisters, so that was an added blessing as well. I've posted a few photos from the trip I hope you enjoy. In the meantime, we're back to school, teaching, writing deadlines and house building! 

Be blessed!


Hanging out with some of our college-aged friends from Sugar Land who've all been to Mozambique.
This group also put on a garage sale to raise money for Jaco and Inge. What a blessing they have been to us!

Ernan and Lander enjoying the aquarium restaurant in downtown Houston
My mother and I outside the same restaurant

Stunning Dalias in a Park in Lyon
(We stopped in Lyon for a couple of days on our way to the States to visit some missionary friends)

Scott sharing with our wonderful board members.

Visit with Scott's parents. We also were able to meet with a
supporting church while we were there and vote.

There are really no fall colors here in Mozambique, so I love seeing the lit up, fall colors.

Loved being able to see the Rocky Mountains as well (this is Mt. Garfield) as like with the fall colors, it's pretty flat here in Moz.

During a break at our board meeting, Scott took the time to try out the zip line. 

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