Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer for Teammate's Son

On Monday night, our teammate's son, Reiner, fell and hit his head. Because of the lack of medical care were we live, and the fact that we couldn't get a medi-flight to land here at night, his parents ended up driving him to the capital with him. We praise God that Mandy, who is a nurse and is working with our team, was able to be with him on the trip and take care of him. Scott followed behind with their other children. 
Arrangements were made for a medi-flight to meet Reiner and his mother at the Maputo airport where he was life-flighted to South Africa. As of today (Wednesday) he is sedated, but the doctors have finally been able to stablize him and are pleased with his condition. Please pray for Reiner, his family, and our team during this difficult time.


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  1. UPDATE: Family has set up a FB page for Reiner where they will post all updates at Reiner le Roux. Thanks to so many of you who are praying!!