Thursday, July 05, 2012

Aleyna goes to Mozambique

Those of you following my blog know that June and July are always a very busy time for us as we host short-term mission groups wanting to get involved in the work here. This year, has been extra busy as we have two groups from the US, two from South Africa, and a group from Brazil arriving next week for English camp. On top of all of that we are also trying to build our houses at the same time.

South African group brought Jano his wheelchair! (More on this soon)
This week we are hosting two groups from South Africa as well as two college grads from the US who are both spending a month here with us working in ministry. I thought you might enjoy one of the updates of one of our summer interns, Aleyna, as she shares what has been going on the last couple of days. Enjoy!

"So I am two days behind in my updates...Yesterday (7/3) we worked on the veggie tunnel and then we went into town to host the English club. About this veggie tunnel - I have a new found appreciation for any farmer! Alissa and I worked with a few Mozambicans to till the land where the veggie tunnel (which I found out today is actually going to be more of a veggie rectangle) and that was hard work clearing all the brush and roots. It was all manual labor - we had our hands and a few hoe looking things. 

Wish I had gloves because there was definitely some poisonous scorpion looking things in the ground that we had to kill. I am still sore two days later from all the bending over. When the team from S. Africa arrived Alissa and I helped sew panels of netting together to provide the covering for the veggie rectangle. I learned how to say thank you very much in Afrikaans - I have no clue how to spell it - it sounds like "buy a donkey". 

In the afternoon we went to English club with the S. African team and hosted a lesson/craft on being fishers of men. We met and talked with Jose and Alice. Jose spoke excellent English and Alice was super shy.                                       
Afternoon at English Club

Alissa and Alyena
Today (7/4) I wore the post patriotic clothing i could find- my Texas flag shorts from Tyler's and a shirt with the American flag - in honor of the 4th of July. Happy 4th from Mozambique! The ladies from the S. African team and Alissa and I went the the orphanage down the street. Talk about heart breaker. I wanted to take all of them home with me! There is a playground right next door so we went and played this S. African game called "Rotten Egg" that is kind of like "duck, duck, goose", Red Rover, and this other game that doesn't really have a name. 

The little boys sat in a line in front of a soccer goal post and grabbed on to each other around the chest to make a chain. The point of the game was for someone to peel off one by one each kid from the line. They were surprised that I could pull them all off! After the orphanage we went into the local market...I still had my Texas flag shorts on and EVERYBODY knew that I was from the US some people even knew I was from Texas :-) I practiced a little bit of Portuguese...thank goodness some of it is coming back to me! 

Hanging out at the orphanage
At English club today we talked about the story of the Jesus feeding the 5000 with just 5 loafs of bread and two fish. I got to visit with a lot of the disciples (yea!!) and meet some more new friends. I met a new friend named Delson who helped me with my Bitonga. He was surprised I knew the few words that I did! I am learning parts of the body now...I hope I can remember them tomorrow!
English Camp
I am absolutely LOVING my time here! Every time I come it feels like home and its especially nice to have friends and see familiar faces in town. Thank you for praying for me and those around me!!! So far the Lord has been shining His Glory on this trip and all that I have encountered so far! 

New friends

Old Friends
P.S. Scott said that there are two ladies in the Quinjata village church who want to be baptized Sunday! I am so excited! Hopefully in the next few days I can post some pictures and I will try and get a video of the baptism!

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