Monday, February 06, 2012

Answered Prayers

Disciple praying for the sick in the village.
On Saturday, I met with the women in town for our weekly Bible study. It was wonderful to see them again after many had been away during the December/January school break. We are studying women in the Bible, how God used them, and how God can use us as women. On Saturday, our lesson was about Hannah and how she turned to God in prayer for her needs.

For me, the reminder of how God answers prayers has been very real lately. Almost exactly one year ago, Scott and I sat in our mission’s board meeting in Houston at the end of our furlough, praying fervently that God would send us new teammates. There is so much work to be done here, that while we are discipling as many people as we can, we simply can’t do all that needs to be done.

Scott had planned to fly to Brazil to try and recruit some families last spring, but we felt that God was telling us not to run around trying to find people, but instead to simply pray and trust in Him to bring us the people we need, so we could focus on the work He has given us to do.

Shortly after that meeting, we flew into South Africa for a couple days before returning home to Mozambique. While we were there, we went to a missions meeting at our former church and there met a couple, Jaco and Inge Le Roux, who wanted to come and visit us. They told us that they believed God was calling them to work in Mozambique in a few years when their boys were older, and they were interested in seeing our work first hand.
Jaco, Inge, Ernan, Lander, & Reiner

In April, they came for a week, still believing as they arrived, that there would be a time in the future that they might join us. But God had other plans. Toward the end of their time with us, they told us that they believed that God was calling them to leave South Africa and work with us—not in a few years—but now.

A lot has happened since that day. Over the past year, we have spent time with then as often as possible. They have worked closely both with AOM (our ministry) and their church to finalize all the details of going into ministry full time.

Jaco and Inge bring strong skills to our team, showing us clearly God’s hand in all of this. In South Africa, Jaco was involved in management positions in the Agricultural industry. Inge is an artist who has been a part of several art exhibitions. She also has experience in the agricultural industry. She will be homeschooling their three young boys.

We are currently exploring ways for them to use their skills to not only disciple believers, but also equip people with skills and means to earn a living in the area of agriculture. This will be a huge blessing to many and will help us to expand our current work through The ECHO Project.
Mandy Hunter & Mel Welch

And as exciting as we are for them to officially join us this month, God isn’t finished! In May, two single women from the UK will be joining our team. We first met Mel and Mandy while in language school in Brazil. Since that time, they have been working about four hours north of us, so they are already very familiar with life in Mozambique. Mandy is a nurse and Mel a teacher. They both have a heart for discipleship and for reaching out to the poorest of the poor. Again, we see God giving us exactly what we need to compliment the work here.

Please pray for Jaco and Inge and their three sweet boys as they make this huge transition, and for Mel and Mandy as they are currently in the UK, preparing to return in a couple months.

What about you? How is God working in your life today and what prayers has He answered recently?

Be blessed,



  1. Lisa and Scott, so thrilled for you with the answers to prayers. I usually read your posts on email and don't often make time to log on to your blog but had to share this with you here too.
    Do say "hello" to Jaco and Inge from Ray and I here in Tasmania. We will add them to our prayers for you all - and their lovely children. We will also be praying God will continue and guide with all this will mean to them and the ministry.

  2. God is good, isn't he? Thanks for stopping by and especially for your prayers. It really means a lot!!