Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seasons of change

In so many ways, this year has been a season of change and transition for our family. And this week marks yet another huge change as Gabriel leaves today to attend boarding school at RVA in Kenya.

Many years ago, I remember feeling frustrated at a job I had. I convinced myself that I was going to have the same job the rest of my life--a thought I hated. When the day came that I was able to quit, I was struck by the lesson it taught me. Life is one of seasons. There are good seasons we long to hold onto forever. And sometimes there are seasons filled with pain and longing for something better.

What Solomon said in Ecclesiastes is so true. There is a time and season for everything. And as we send Gabriel off to boarding school, I'm reminded that once again, our family is going into another season. Life will be different without him as he leaves a hole in our family while he is gone. But I also know that this will be a season of new beginnings and growth for him as he begins high school, something I'm truly excited about for him.

Whatever season you are in, (and this goes for me too!) may we learn to be content. Change what needs to change, learn from the experiences faced, help others along the way, enjoy the memories we're given, as well as the moment we are in. Because in all the ups and downs in life there is one thing that remains constant, and that is the promises of our Heavenly Father, who was, and is, and is to come.

Be a blessing today,



  1. Praying as you go through this change. And praying Gabe loves RVA.

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet words, Patty. Yes, it's hard, but I know he's going to love RVA which makes me so excited for him. Definitely helps ease my missing him. :-)