Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Settling in...

I realized today that it's been several weeks since I've posted. Life has been a bit...well... hectic so far this year to say the least. March and April were spent primarily helping Janelle (my aunt) pack up her home for her move back to the US.

We loaded up a container with her things, sold what was left, and finished closing up the house. Scott came at the end to help with some of the logistical things like switching over the utilities to the new owner amongst many other things.

Once we finally realized that our second vehicle wouldn't be fixed by the time we needed to go, we packed up our truck and headed home. As you can see from this photo, we had to wrap everything in plastic garbage bags because it was pouring as we left.

Thankfully, we made it home with out any problems (except for missing a turn while Scott and I were busy talking). It was clearly good to be back together again!

We are now so thankful to be back home in Mozambique, but even here things have started with a bang. Scott is already back to his teaching and preaching in the villages. We also have guests from South Africa who have been with us since last week. They feel that God is calling them into the mission field and are spending a week with us to observe our ministry.

On a quick writing note, I had a great time doing an interview about my books and The ECHO Project on Blog Talk Radio last Friday with long time friend John Gaessler. You can listen to the archived interview here if you missed it.

Be blessed this week!


The kids were also excited to finally get back to the beach for our day off yesterday. (And so was I!)

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