Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ministry Prayer Request

Since many of you follow my blog as a way to keep up with our ministry, I would like to share a prayer request specifically for our teammates, Luiz and Fernanda. They feel that God is calling them back to Brazil and will be leaving Mozambique this weekend. Scott arrived in Mozambique today so he can spend a few days helping them with the logistics of their move as well as to meet with our disciples.

Please pray for Luiz and Fernanda as they transition back to Brazil, and specifically that God will work powerfully in their lives.

Pray that God will give Scott wisdom, discernment, safety, and health as he travels back to Africa. He will return back to the States next week.

Pray for God's blessings and direction for the disciples in Mozambique. That the Holy Spirit will strengthen and guide them as they continue to teach and lead while we are gone.

We appreciate your prayers as well for our family as our furlough will end soon, and we are already looking forward to returning home to Africa the end of February.

Be blessed today,



  1. Yes, praying for you all.

  2. Audrey12:50 AM

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