Friday, August 06, 2010

Praises and prayers from Zongoéne

If you follow our ministry, you might know that Scott and several of his disciples have started working about three hours south of where we live in David Kuna's home village, Zongoéne. Every month, they spend several days teaching in the village and left on Wednesday morning to spend the rest of the week there.

Here's the latest message from Scott:

"God is really moving here. I think all told, we have at least 5 different studies tomorrow!

We arrived yesterday (Wednesday) about 2 PM, and after a quick lunch, walked through the village visiting all the people we have contacts with. A girl José and David met in June is very sick - well actually it really looks like she is at deaths door, literally. Her name is Gina, and we prayer for her. Today (Thursday) when we went to go and teach her, she could sit up, and said that she couldn't talk before we arrived yesterday, we we came and she could talk, then the same today, when we drove up, she could talk again. We shared Jesus with her and she then prayed with David and José, confessing many sins including going to the witch doctor. When she was through, she said she wanted to remove all the magic charms from her and follow ONLY Jesus! Two other ladies are very close to making decisions for Jesus.

You may remember Joaquin, the young man who was chained by his family so he wouldn't go around insulting and scaring the people in the village. We saw him today, out freely walking and interacting with people at a small shop. He came and got in the car to go to the Bible study near his home with us. At the study, we heard the testimony of one of his neighbors about how happy they are to see how God has healed Joaquin.

Pray for us as we have 2 1/2 more days of teaching here. We expect there to be a lot of people ready for baptism on Sunday as they have been asking and we continue to teach.

Pray also for the young disciples here with me. I am just blown away at the way the Holy Spirit is using them. We are truly on the verge of a great movement of God here!"


On another note, as you pray for what God is doing in Zongoéne, please pray as well for wisdom in our car situation. One of our teams cars broke down (You can read about that here) as we were traveling with the group from Houston last month. The car has been sitting in the capital ever since being looked at by a recommended mechanic. This was one of our best cars, but we just received the estimate to fix it and it will cost more than the car is worth. We have a South African friend here who owns a mechanic shop who Scott just talked to and who will tow it here for us and thinks he should be able to fix it for much less, but we won't know until he looks at it.

Not only are cars are horribly expensive here, but the roads are very hard on them. Scott has left for the capital to oversee the transfer of the car from the mechanic to here--they would start charging about $80 for ever day we had to keep it in storage. Please pray for wisdom as we work out this situation. The blessing is that not only is Scott closer to the capital which means a quicker trip, but the disciples are doing fantastic and will carry on fine until Scott returns to Zongoéne tomorrow.

Be blessed today!



  1. Lisa,
    If you only knew the impact of your testimony! Many days I look around me in this society and its hard to see God active and moving. Then I read of the precious people that are being shown God's love and grace and it makes me cry (happy tears). Praying for many souls to be saved today, this Sunday of the Lords!

    And as I see the work that you and Scotty do so faithfully and the impact you have in people's lives, I wonder...You guys should have unlimited resources, if anyone. Transportation should never be a problem for those who are actively spreading the news of Jesus and hope. As many sit on their retirements and plan elaborate vacations, you guys are struggling to find funds for basic needs.

    My prayer this weekend has been for our eyes to be opened to the real priorities in this life and for you to have what you need and more!!

    Thank you for continuing to show me the miracles in the lives of those you teach!
    much love,

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words, Kerrie. I have to honestly say that while dealing with car issues is a distraction we would prefer not to have, and that we pray that He will give us wisdom in making wise choices, God continues to give us everything that we need to keep going. He is the one who is continually faithful and it is these stories, like the one we shared that impact me and make me know it is worth it.

    Andrew and your family are prayed for every day on this side of the world! We love love you guys! Lisa