Wednesday, July 14, 2010

English Camp 2010

Mozambique Trip :: Summer 2009 from Sugar Creek on Vimeo.

"The English Culture Camp is one of the most spiritually significant projects in the ministry the Lord has blessed me with. Our team was filled with the Spirit and lived incarnationally with the Mozambican students (about 22) for 5 days. We slept with them, ate with them, and did life together.

"We used chronological oral bible stories from creation to resurrection to develop their understanding of the creator God's plan for their lives. We did a community blessing project together, cleaning the city of Maxixe. We saw animists, atheists, and muslims, transform from little or no knowledge of the creator God and Jesus Christ to become genuine worshipers. In fact one young man wrote a praise song the last night we were together.

"They are ALL singing new songs. God's sovereign purpose and power was all over this camp...we exceeded every expectation. The team was so alive and responsive in the spirit and they will remember this forever. This project is wrapped in the long-term strategy of the Tonga in Mozambique and God has raised passionate new laborers for His harvest."
Don Waybright- Team Leader

A year later, we can look back at how many lives were truly changed because of that camp. Throughout the past year we've continued to work with many of the campers. We've hosted dinner and a movie in our home, met twice a week for language activities and Bible studies, worked on service projects of rebuilding homes and praying at the hospital on Fridays, and through it all God has been moving. Many of the campers who attended have accepted Christ and are continuing to grow in their faith.

The new team who will be hosting this year's camp arrives on Friday and we can't wait to see how God is going to work through them. Please pray for the campers and the staff that God's Spirit will fill the camp and that hearts will be opened so many will come to know Him!



  1. How exciting to see God at work.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I wasn't sure how to contact you. I follow your blog and love your books.
    I am going on a youth retreat that will focus on the underground church. One night I am talking about Nigeria and what is going on there. Do you have any insights/comments to add as you live in Africa? (I know Africa is a big place - I just thought I would ask)
    Wendy Marple