Friday, January 16, 2009

On the road again. . .catching up

We're back on the road again for a few days, and I've been off-line. We had to return to SA briefly to bring our Brazilian friends back to the airport, and then Scott will be participating in a discipleship conference near where we used to live starting Monday. He will be coaching David, one of our African leaders from Mozambique and is very excited about the opportunity.

I came so we could pick up the kids new school books and stock up on some supplies. I'm thrilled because the kids can't wait to see their new books later this morning. They will also get the chance to spend some time with some of their friends. I'll be busy reading through my galleys of my third cozy mystery (the final copy of a book before it goes to print) and finishing up another book deadline for next week.

I've got some great photos I'll be posting in the coming few weeks I think you will enjoy, but for now. . .it's off to work!



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