Friday, March 02, 2007

Orphan Question

Ronie posted a great question regarding our work with the orphans: Does AOM partner with anyone to do adoptions? Or is the focus more to keep the children there and provide medical and educational needs?

African culture has always held to very strong families. If a parent died, or left a child an orphan, the extended family would take the child in. Things are changing, though, with the rampant onslaught of AIDS that is ripping families apart and leaving heavy burdens on those left behind. It’s not uncommon for a grandmother to raise five, six, even seven of her orphaned grandchildren. This in itself is making it harder for families to take care of their own.

In spite of these factors, we are still committed in keeping the children we work with in the homes of the extended family, or in homes of church members when necessary, and ensuring that these families have the necessary medical, educational, and spiritual help they need.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Lisa! Thanks for answering my question. It's great to see AOM working so hard to keep the families in tact as much as possible. What a ministry!