Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Greetings from South Africa!

With Christmas in four days, we are enjoying a break from the hot weather. Since our return home from the States, life has kept us busy with a leaky roof, no land line, a broken cell phone, two visits to the dentist for two of our kids, and snakes. (Yes! Snakes!)

It's good to be home.

This year started with the decision to move from Johanasburg farther north near the Zimbabwe border. The changes have been good, but have also brought with it the expected ups and downs. We've found the people of northern South Africa very welcoming and look forward to settling down here for the long term.

Our work with African Outreach Ministries continues to keep us busy. We are expanding our orphan program and look forward to seeing what God will do in that area. The need is so great as we strive to make a differance in the lives of orphaned children. A number of ministry trips were also made into Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and Malawi, as we continued with the leadership training that we are involved in.

As for my writing, it's been an exciting year. I have three books coming out next year and am busy trying to finish up the last in a three book series for Heartsong Presents, Adam's Bride. This story has been an emotional journey as it deals with prejudiceness, but also if full of laughter and especially romance. Book two in the series will be released in March and it's one you won't want to miss, especially if you enjoyed Michaela's Choice. Rebecca's Heart is the story of Eric and Michaela's oldest daughter.

I'm also looking foward to working finishing up work on several other projects in the next few weeks including a cozy mystery that promises to be alot of fun. Check out my website at for more. . .

I plan to add to this blog often, so if your interested in Christian fiction and life in Africa (which trust me, is never dull!), check back often and take a journey through the heart of Africa with me!

Merry Christmas!



  1. Yay! it's good to see you here! I will be reading, and I look forward to hearing about the every day life there.
    I've got you linked on my site...
    Love you, Lisa!

  2. Hey Lisa! :-)

    I like this! Makes you feel a little closer... :-)

    We love you guys,

    Tami & co.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    It's so good to hear what you are doing and see that beautiful photo of you and your family! I will be reading your blog and praying for you.

    Carrie Turansky