Friday, July 27, 2012


How often are expectations are the source of our discontentedness?  

We expect things from our family, spouse, children, employers, employees, and friends. When they fall short of our expectations, we react.

We get upset at our children because of unreached expectations.

We divorce over unmet expectations.

Employees are fired over unmet expectations.

Relationships are strained or broken through expectations not met.

Expectations can be realistic, unreasonable, or even false.

Sometimes we fail without even knowing we’re not meeting expectations.

Sometimes we have to raise our expectations. 

Sometimes we have to be patient with our expectations. 

Sometimes we have to change our expectations.
David, in the book of Psalms, tells us to 'Wait and hope and expect the Lord.' (Ps 27:14)

When all else fails and expectations around us are not met, He will never fail us.

When disappointment reigns, He is still there.

Wait and hope and expect the Lord.

Be encouraged today.



  1. These words of wisdom were meant for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Lynne. An important reminder for all of us, I think.